WIA Austarc 16TC32 Hydrogen Controlled Electrodes:



3.2mm x 5kg pack


Smooth running, basic low hydrogen electrode, developed for all positional (except vertical down) welding, using AC or DC power sources. It has exceptional arc stability and weldability and delivers high quality weld deposits with reliable notch toughness to -40°C.

Austarc 16TC is manufactured using a unique twin coating extrusion process, which means all the arc stabilising elements are concentrated in the inner coating. This delivers significantly improved arc stability and control for all applications.

Typical Applications

The ideal hydrogen controlled electrode for welding carbon, carbon-manganese and low alloy high strength steels used in a multitude of critical and non-critical applications.

Typical applications include pipe welding, single sided weld joints, highly restrained joints, maintenance applications, buffer layer prior to hard surfacing build-up, structural steel and sub zero temperature applications.

SKU: 16TC32

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 400 × 75 × 75 mm
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