Magnetiser/De-Magnetiser TorqueMaster®




TorqueMaster® represents decades of fastening innovation.
Incorporating an innovative design that makes it incredibly easy to magnetise tools for better fastener holding or de-magnetise tools to reduce the risk of damaging sensitive electrical components.

Over time the factory magnetic tips can wear off and become less effective until re-magnetised.

If working in an environment with a lot of steel shavings or fragments (such as a machine shop) you can demagnetise your tools to prevent the fragments from sticking to the tool.

The innovative design allows you to magnetise/de-magnetise larger tools that wouldn’t normally fit into the holes of other magnetiser/de-magnetisers, and the test loop makes it really easy to test the magnetism of your tool before use.

To Magnetise: Run the tool across the top surface (+) in the direction of the arrows and test.

To De-Magnetise: Run the tool across the front surface (-) in the direction of the arrows and test.

TorqueMaster® – Fastening perfected.

  • Easily Magnetises and De-Magnetises tools
  • Incorporates test loop

SKU: K5450

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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 160 × 90 × 50 mm
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