Kincrome Booster Cables 1000amp Heavy Duty



• Extra heavy duty terminal clamps
• Surge protection
• 12V/24V battery/application
• Copper clamp bridge
• Suits construction & earth moving (Petrol & Diesel)
• 6M cable length
• Intelli-Check alternator/polarity/battery
• CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium) Cables

**KP1456 ‘Type2’ booster cable specifications vary from the original ‘Type 1’ cables. Details of the KP1456 ‘Type 2” booster cable specifications can be obtained through Kincrome customer service if required.
The KP1456 booster cables are most suited for use on 4 to 8 Cylinder Petrol & Diesel Commercial, Construction & Earth Moving Vehicles providing the CCA rating of the vehicles battery is no grated than 1000CCA.
The extra long 6m cable length allows the cables to be used to jumpstart vehicles: Front to Front, Front to Rear or mid vehicle where the batteries are located well away from where your host starting vehicle can be positioned.

Bar Code
Technical Specifications
Length 6M
Amperage 1000 AMP
Surge Protected Yes
Battery Condition Indicator Voltage Output Display
Vehicle Charge Indicator Voltage Output Display
Reverse Polarity Indicator Alarm Buzzer & LED Light
Vehicle Voltage 12V & 24VDC Applications
Cable Clamp Bridges Yes

SKU: KP1456

Additional information

Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions 400 × 140 × 320 mm