Katana Digital Pressure Inflator 220120 Skin Only



The Katana 18V Charge-All Digital Pressure Inflator makes inflating car and motorcycle tyres, sporting equipment, bicycle tyres and many other inflatables quick and easy. Forget using a hand pump, this digital inflator is compact, easy to use, and doesn’t require any more physical effort than pulling a trigger. Set the desired pressure on the digital gauge and pull the trigger and the inflator will automatically shut-off once the set pressure is reached. Featuring an inbuilt LED work light, 4 included adaptors, a 550mm hose and 150 PSI max pressure output you won’t ever need to use a hand pump again.

Flow rate: 14 L/min
Voltage: 18V d.c.
Pressure Gauge: Digital
Auto Shut-off: Yes
Inflator Hose Length: 550mm
Maximum Pressure: 150 Psi / 10.4 Bar
Air Flow: 14l/m
LED Work Light: Yes

SKU: 220120

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 200 × 90 × 230 mm