Katana Cordless Hybrid Inflator Station 220121 Skin Only



The Katana 18V Charge-All Hybrid Inflator Station is your all in one go to for inflating anything from car and motorcycle tyres, sporting equipment, Bicycle tyres, air mattresses, inflatable toys and sports equipment. The Inflator Station is hybrid and can be powered in 2 different ways, it can run off any Katana 18V Charge-All battery or the inbuilt 12V accessory plug. It also features both high and low pressure outputs, an LED work light, 160 PSI max pressure output, a digital pressure gauge with automatic shut-off and a deflator so that once you’re done with your high volume inflatables, you can quickly and easily deflate them making pack up a breeze.

Input Voltage: 12V d.c., 18V d.c.
Mode I (High Pressure Output) Flow rate: 11 L/min
Mode II (High Volume Output) Flow rate: 360 L/min
Motor Voltage: 12V d.c.
Maximum Pressure: 160 PSI / 11 Bar / 1100 kPa
Pressure Gauge: Digital
Pressure Inflator Hose Length: 810mm
Volume Inflator Hose Length: 360mm
12V Cable and Plug: 3m 18AWG
Auto Shut-off: Yes

SKU: 220121

Additional information

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 250 × 160 × 230 mm
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